How would I be able to access my proxies and add my whitelisted IP ?

Once your proxies are set up, you will receive an email from us with a link to your Proxy Managment Panel.
Here you can access your proxies and add or change at any time your whitlisted IP.

Where are your server locations? Can I choose specific locations?

Our proxies comes from different worldwide servers. If you need a specific location, please leave a message or contact our agents at the livechat.

What payments do you accept it?

We accept Paypal, PayZa, Bitcoin and Credit Card Payments as well

Can I use your proxies for E-Mailing?

You can use our proxies for webmailing like Gmail, Aol, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc. There is no mailing limits.
We do not allow to use any mailing software that uses either 25, 465 or 587 ports.

Can I use your proxies with any browser?

You can use it with every browser or application that supports HTTP/HTTPS proxies.

Can these proxies be used in classified ads website?

Yes, can be used, for websites like Craigslist.

Do you provide proxy username and password?

Our proxies works with both User/Password and also with IP Authentication.

Do you provide also socks4/socks5 proxies?

Yes, we also provide socks4/socks5 proxies.

How long takes the setup time?

Accounts are setup instantly or latest within 3 hours after payment.

What is the limit of simultaneous connections?

You can use up to 100 simultaneous connections per each proxy.

What is the bandwith from your proxies ?

We provide our proxies with unlimited bandwith.