Australia Proxies

Buying Australian Shared Proxies – Cheapest Rates & Highest Quality

The popularity and demand to buy Australian shared proxies are increasing exponentially. From week to week and year to year an increasing number of customers demand proxies from down under – and we can help them out right now!

With the help of our accumulated experience in the proxy market, we have recently extended our expertise into the Australian market and opened our first dozen database locations there, which guarantees you the usual top-notch service quality like you’re used from us. There are many reasons why Australian Proxies are currently on such a high rise, but for whatever reason you will need it – WE will be there for you!

All of our proxies and individually adjustable in the member only area. You have the opportunity to choose between Socks4/Socks5, HTTP/HTTPs proxies and can decide within few clicks. Just like our other services, our Australian Shared Proxies have an uptime of 99.9% constantly and are basically always there whenever and for whatever you need them.

And we mean literally for whatever purpose you need them. Our Australian proxies have been tested and used for several different purposes worldwide. The most used areas range from Online Gaming, Streaming, Gambling, Social Network usage up to proficient professional use of multinational companies. Yet, also private people use our services to access blocked websites and content, which we obviously also support.

Even when you want to stream high quality movies and want to use our proxies for high bandwidth requiring processes, we will guarantee you the highest proxy speed on the market. Therefore, you will never experience and lags in online games or high-quality movie streaming and will always be satisfied with the offered speed.

Under every possible circumstance, we value and prioritize 100% anonymity and privacy for our clients. None of our proxies has EVER had any leaks and will never have, so your location is completely secured and dismantled by our services. Furthermore, all of your personal data during the purchase is secured and encrypted safely and will never under no circumstance be given out, as we do not have access to them ourselves.



We strive to have the most competitive prices, but yet the most high-quality service. To make that possible all of our proxies are certified following services:




If you’re still not sure about our services, our multilingual and welcoming live support team is available 24/7 and ready to support you in purchase decisions and an overview of the services we offer.