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We are currently the cheapest and most qualitative provider in the whole world wide web, with service which can guarantee you a 99.8% uptime and full certified anonymity. In fact, all of our proxies are individually approved and guarantee 100% anonymity without any IP or DnS leaks EVER. Furthermore, our used infrastructure is unique and patented in a way, which is not used by any other competitor in the market – making us the fastest and safest shared proxy provider worldwide

Each proxy mode is easily adjustable according to your needs. We offer HTTP/HTTPs, Socks5/Socks4 proxies, all easily adjustable in your personal area on our website – with absolutely no need to contact us, everything can be done within a few clicks.

On the other hand we also offer immediate activation after you buy German shared proxies. After we have successfully received your payment, we activate the access to your bought proxies almost immediately, usually within the first few minutes after the purchase. Moreover, If you should have any additional question about our services, prices, packages or whatever there is on your mind – we offer a special multilingual 24/7 Live support, which you can contact through the box on the bottom right of our website – making us the number one in service support in our industry.

Additionally, we offer our customers to use our proxies for any services they wish to use. No matter if it is trying to access a blocked site from your location or trying to use it accessing Netflix. All of our proxies are certified and tested to work perfectly in Gaming (Steam), Streaming (Twitch), and Social Networks (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube).

With more than 10 different locations, you can be sure that buying German shared proxies on our website will exactly fulfil your needs in every possible way – we update our networks and locations constantly so we can offer the highest possible network speed, to also speed up everything you will do with our proxies to a complete maximum. Also with our unique technology, almost every website worldwide can NOT detect a proxy being used. Even websites with sophisticated proxy detectors such as Netflix have immense difficulty with detecting our proxies.

We believe that nobody should ever trade performance for security, especially not for the high prices many other online providers require online. With the help of us, you can get the most important features for not only an affordable price, but in fact THE cheapest price in the market.



All our services include the following guarantees about our proxies:




Last but not least: we value your privacy like we want ours to be valued by everyone else. Nobody is ever going to get to know your private data, every single private data is stored safely with us and also encrypted in a unattackable way.

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